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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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high rate of speed and made several unsafe lane changes and then collided with the minivan. after getting struck by this vehicle, it went to a chain link fence, and went down to the san ramon creek. >> reporter: the minivan fella hundred 50 feet down the steep embankment and flipped upside down at one point. likely, the minivan ended right side up in the creek in less than one foot of water. everyone survived and they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> they had a complaint of pain injuries only and nothing major or life-threatening. >> reporter:ir if this had been wintertime, every inch of rainfall would have added four feet of water in the canal and if the minivan would have landed upside down, they could have been trapped. and they are alive today primarily because they were wearing their safety belts. >> reporter: both vehicles were
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traveling northward, and the driver who caused the wreck was last seen heading east on 580. >> shocking that the person left and did not make sure that any of those people is okay. >> people are just crazy and that is why i stay off of the road. people want to get home and some people drink, and that is what i am thinking. >> reporter: anyone who may have seen the crash or solve a car that was being driven reckless beforehand, is asked to call the police. said that family is incredibly lucky. >> that family is incredibly lucky. ♪ in virginia, president
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donald trump honored americans fallen heroes today in a memorial they ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he said all of the men and women that were buried there were united in a love for the country. >> they had a love more deep and more pure than most will ever know. it was a love that willed them up mountains and deserts and across oceans and into enemy camps and unknown dangers. >> president donald trump also thanked the families of all of the fallen troops and their sacrifice will never be forgotten. there was's similar sayings that military cemeteries big and small around the area today. >> people gather for service at this cemetery that included a speech by this woman.
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today, she recalled going to work for the war effort while her husband was a prisoner of war in germany. john richardson also addressed those in attendance and spoke about the sacrifices made by servicemembers and their family. >> my dad, it will be time for him to go, and i was the oldest of six, and my mom would gather us in the uniform, and he would be in his uniform, then he would take off and be gone for the next three months or four months at sea. my mom had to carry on for all of those times. >> the ceremony ended with a gun salute and the playing of taps. >> our report was there today, and after the ceremony, you talk to one veteran about why this date means so much to him. truck that's right frank, and i consider it a personal honor that he trusted us with this story. it really demonstrates why we have the day off today, to come to places like this.
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>> they was calling me to let me know it was him who passed away and killed in vietnam. on the 15th, it was mother's day. >> reporter: mike was serving in the marine core when he was told that his cousin had died. he was more like a brother, and every year since his death, he visits him. >> in a war situation, and then you come home and you want to see your family. >> reporter: he was also sent to vietnam in 1965, but he said serving in the funeral detail had always been the hardest part of his service. >> i escorted a gentleman to new york, a 20-year-old, where the family adopted him as their son and it was the hardest eight days i spent in the marine corps, even in vietnam. it is hard to be able to see one side of the war, and then
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see the other side of war, and i live with it for the rest of my life. >> reporter: while we were in the cemetery, he began to talk to a family who had traveled from los angeles to remember a fallen family member. >> sometimes you forget, and that is not the thing to do. you can't forget! >> reporter: memorial day is reserved for rinaldo. >> he was 20 years old. what he was doing is he was trying to save some kids in a village, and that is how he got winded. >> reporter: remodels's parents died shortly after his death and he said he doesn't have any photos of his cousin anymore. >> when i got home, they said in six months you will forget it. it has been 52 years, and it has never gone away. >> reporter: he had us take a look over this field today, and
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he said just remember that every single one of these cemetery markers represents an individual, an individual who had a family, who had a story, and who had a life here. >> i am just wondering what it is like being there, particularly on memorial day when you see crosses as far as the eye can see. it must be very sobering. >> reporter: it is very quiet after the ceremony ended. we just saw individual families, and that is how we ended up finding this man. he had told us he had been here for quite some time. he came out here when some of the first men were buried out there, and he said a lot of the field was just field, and there was not any markers. he said it is amazing when he comes out here now to see it. >> just a reminder of all the young men and women who gave their lives for our country.
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in san francisco, a new memorial day tradition may take hold as for the first time volunteers place roses at the headstones in the national cemetery at the presidio in san francisco. a group spent the morning laying red roses at the grades. on saturday, the boy scouts placed american flags at each of the headstones. one of the volunteers today paused to say a prayer at each headstone that he decorated. >> they note they are still appreciated and this was a great day. this is not a day of the sales in the stores, but a day to remember. >> the events wrapped up today with the community picnic. today ceremony is the 150th year that the presidio is hosted eight memorial day of him. in lake county, a firefighter was injured battling a large structure fire this afternoon. that fire is burning at
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harvesters market -- close to where it meets highway 175 in the center of town. we want to show you some video of the fire, and this is the wrong picture. orange flames could be seen behind the structure. one witness is saying on twitter that propane canisters are blowing up. multiple fire agencies have responded and highway 29 is shut down to the area right now. at this point, we don't know the extent of the firefighters injuries and as we get updates, we will bring them to you. get ready for some changes this summer as transportation leaders say the west portal and castro station that is linked together will be shut down for two months. we will look at the work that is already underway and how it may affect writers. >> reporter: this is a site that many writers -- riders we
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need to get used to the summer. the station will reopen tuesday only to be closed this summer from june 25 and till august 24. >> this is about preparing the tunnel, which is a two mile heart of the system and 100 years old. this is but -- about preparing it for the next 100 years. >> reporter: a to her was led if -- of the areas that will be under construction the summer. to make the trains will go faster, and that should reduce the travel time in the twin peaks tunnel. in addition, a tremendous improvement in reliability. >> reporter: all of the major work on this project has not started. you can see there is a great deal of preparation work already underway. >> this whole section of the tunnel including this is 100 years old. what they are doing is
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preparing the structure to be supported. >> reporter: the work already underway mitt a memorial day weekend shutdown. they are using a series of buses to get passengers from one station to the other. they are looking at this we can as a dry run and tweaking this is them to make sure that everyone gets to where they need to get to. riders who say they have heard of the construction set it has gone smoothly and are adding more time for their commute. >> i am thinking about an extra half an hour or longer, but we will see what happens. >> reporter: they hope that this will mean more quicker and reliable service down the road. take a look at this. the term hero gets thrown around a lot. we may use it more than what we should, but what this man did to save a 4-year-old boy is unreal. the life-changing honor that he got for scaling the side of a
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building to save that little baby. the city of berkeley e fix some homeless from the marina. -- e fix -- evicts some homeless from the marina. they didn't have to go for. and the countdown starts and it will not be long before the rockets of the warriors tip off . we had some 90 degree temperatures today and the temperature in the inland valley was warm.
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it is the seventh game against the houston rockets. said at the warriors come away with the win, they will advance to the finals for the fourth straight year, but if they lose, their season is over. we are live in houston tonight where the tipoff is about 45 minutes away. >> reporter: i guess that is how it is supposed to be asked when to -- to deliver good teams play, this is what happens. inks are starting to crank up here and you can see that dream on green -- draymond green is out there. it was announced that chris paul will not be in the lineup tonight as he is still suffering from his hamstring injury. what we could not help noticing about both coaches is that they are loose, and they have maintained their sense of humor
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and very kopelman re-about each scene. they are just relishing this opportunity to be in a game seven. but what steve kerr did say is that this group of warriors that he has coach, this is the third time they have been in the game seven, and he feels like they may be more prepared for it than you might think. >> i think everybody has butterflies, once a player settle in, it will get easier, and i am confident as i mentioned earlier with our experience because our core guys have been through this a few times, i think that will be helpful to allow us to get on track quicker. >> reporter: this was steph curry a little while ago. clay thompson and kevin durant just left the court a little while ago. you cannot help thinking that as long as those guys are playing their game, there is not anybody who can beat them. when they get in trouble is when they don't value their
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possessions and when they have lapses on defense, and we have seen that happen. as you look at this game tonight, i think if you look at last night's game between boston and cleveland and you say kevin love is not there for cleveland, but what did the cavaliers do? they go and win a tough game on the road. you can't take about injuries and you have to think about the people that you have on the court and expect them to go out and play, and this is the kind of games that define careers. good players really relish these opportunities. i have the best job in the world right now in that i get to sit here and watch game seven of a playoff series. i am looking for to it in less than an hour. >> would chris paul being out would that be like kevin durant or steph curry being out for the warriors? >> reporter: on paper, you would think that actually hurts the rockets more because they don't have the firepower that
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the warriors have. the warriors had the big four, and with the rockets, you are thinking about two. so on paper, it hurt the rockets more, but i think if we have learned anything, you have to play it on the court because we don't plan on paper. >> it gets underway in about 40 minutes, and there's nothing better than a game seven. the winner tonight will face lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers again. they won game seven in boston last night, and that means that lebron james will be playing in his eighth consecutive nba finals. the last three have been against the warriors, so we could be looking at a fourth consecutive nba finals between the warriors in the cavaliers. it has been warm and even hot in the east bay for a second straight day. here is a live look at mount diablo and all of that green grass is turning yellow and brown. temperatures rose above the 90
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degree mark. >> a similar picture from san francisco. just a stunning shop there! blue skies over the bay and a great shot of downtown san francisco. >> that is such a clear shot! that is gorgeous! let's go over to the weather center for a look at what is to come. are we going to have a full week like this? >> it is going to cool off and yes. it will get back to not as cool as it has been later, but we were in to some of the mid 90s and some of the in some spots. the high pressure ridge is setting up and the air is sinking, and that is the way it has been for the last couple of days. saturday was a transition day and sunday was like today. tomorrow, a nice day but the marine layer starts to expand a little bit, and we move back to
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a cooler pattern. it will not be a huge expansion, but it means the temperatures will come down on tuesday, partly, on wednesday back into the 70s and low 80s. this is the water vapor loop, and you can see the cities like dallas and tulsa and houston. we can take a look at alberto, and it has made landfall with gusts up to 50 miles per hour. this is pretty early for this type of activity. we had a tornado and a tornado watch in effect until 10:00 p.m. central standard time in the kansas city area and east of there. we have fog south of here. the story for us is high pressure. you can see the footprint in the fog and the winds is north,
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and northeast. that was enough to take the fog and push it down into southern monterey bay and get a day like today. a beautiful not for the sunset and no fog. 88 degrees in napa right now. 94 degrees in concord. that is eight departure from yesterday. here is -- that is a departure from yesterday. tomorrow all's temperature will trend down and instead of the low and mid 90s, we will see the upper 80s in these areas. around the bay, that means more mid to low 70s. it will be a little bit cooler and that is okay because it will drop the fire danger as well.
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when i come back, we will get specific with the forecast for your backyard. emergency officials in hawaii say the fast moving lava from the volcano has destroyed 10 more homes in the past 24 hours. a drone capture this aerial view of the volcano earlier today. the latest homes to be lost is in the same subdivision that was evacuated earlier this more -- month. more than 50 homes have been destroyed says the emergency began. new evacuation orders are expected to go out soon for those in the path of the volcano. >> if one of them cracks form, you can be cut off, so those guys need to be aware of not just being in there and forgetting what is going on. that subdivision is bondable at this point. >> more than 2000 people have fled the area, and the frequent eruptions at the summit continue , including one early this morning. city leaders of berkeley
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take aim at another homeless encampment, and this is moving day for people who live in the cars, campers, and rvs at the marina. and -- marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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a high profile homeless in cama was cleared out today. >> the city of berkeley is cracking down on people who live in rvs along the waterfront. tom baker was there as the city ordered them to pack up and leave. >> reporter: the people who had the cars, rvs, and vans home
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parked across from the street from a hotel and had to move out today. earlier, the city of berkeley posted signs and issued verbal warnings ordering them to move their vehicles out by 5:00 a.m. this morning, or face towing, impoundment, and fines. >> everybody is supposed to have a permit on the car from the harbor. but the harbor is not consulting with the city because the city has been passing a policy to stop mistreating the homeless. >> the police are doing the bidding of the city council and the city manager and the manager of the doubletree, and they are moving an entire community of otherwise homeless residents who are in the vehicles to nowhere as far as they are concerned. >> reporter: many of the vehicles look fairly roadworthy with some of them sitting for up to a year. but the encampment caught too much attention of too many
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marina businesses, prompting the eviction. >> they are making the people's live, and what they are doing to stay alive a criminal act, and we don't think it is right and we think it violates the constitution. >> i cannot do anything. i can sit here, and i can pray to god that everybody in this town understand that we are human beings and they are human beings. there is nothing i can do. if you think berkeley offered us any services, they didn't. >> reporter: one of the rvs that left hauling a boat and a trailer ended up just one quarter of a mile away with an unknown future. a small encampment has taken root -- root along the highway. so where did they go? they don't just disappear in
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the breeze. the fact is they go anywhere and everywhere that they can for as long as they can. this is also america. something to remember on a memorial day. in this part of the east bay, lafayette, it is likely the most visual reminder of the sacrifice made her in the iraq and afghanistan war. but the future of the crosses are up in the air. the fbi makes an urgent request and what they want you to do following a fear of russian computer hackers. this is some incredible video, probably the best video of a day, a man scaling a building in paris to save a little boy. you can see right here that he pulls that boy to safety. the story doesn't end there and his reward for his superman style rescue.
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a flyover and a 21 gun salute, and a flag raising to honor servicemembers in the nation today. travis and -- air force base conducted the flyable. the cemetery not only has great size of u.s. veterans, but the remains of german and italian visitors of war from world war ii. for the past 12 years, lafayette has also had a special memorial dedicated to the veterans killed in the i rock and afghanistan war. that memorial may have an uncertain future. our reporter joins us from lafayette with the latest on that hillside behind him. >> reporter: for many, this 4000 crosses on this lafayette hillside serves as a reminder of war on memorial day and other days. but right now, the fate of the crosses is up in the air.
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for about 100 people here at oakmont park and cemetery, memorial day had a deeper meaning than backyard barbecues and ball games. >> on my way up here, i saw more flags honoring the basketball team the warriors, then i saw the united states flag. it broke my heart. >> reporter: her son was killed in action in afghanistan and was 24 years old. >> i need to be here, and to walk around and talk to other people who have lost their children or their husbands or brothers and sisters and just connect that way. >> -- >> reporter: for this world war ii veteran, pictured here with his wife of 61 years, memorial day brings back a flood of memories, often of those he once served with. >> i think of them and how i made it and they didn't.
5:33 pm
i had a brother in the 15th air force, he didn't survive. >> reporter: this man will the family to visit the graves of his father and grandfather. >> i don't want to ever forget about the people who sacrificed their lives for us. >> reporter: but some pay tribute several miles away at the hillside. each of the 4000 crosses is dedicated to the men and women who died in afghanistan and iraq. but the hillside did some private poverty and the -- property, and the owner plans to sell. the owner said it will be up to whoever buys the property as to what they would do with the crosses. >> my son, when he would come home from whatever assignment that he had with the air force, he always came by and he would salute the cross and say those are my brothers and sisters who
5:34 pm
gave their life. >> reporter: a memorial day vigil is scheduled for right here by the crosses this evening at 7:00 pen. >> i know a lot of people find comfort there, and is there any talk at all about moving it to another location? >> reporter: there hasn't been any talk of that as of yet. the only sort of alternative might be a smaller memorial, but it is up to the property owner. four people are in custody tonight connected to as stabbing at a park in san francisco. officers were called to dolores park to break up a fight shortly after 7:00 p.m. last night. they found a man who had been stabbed and was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police say they thwarted a vigilante deportation attempt. these two are now in custody accused in a kidnapping last
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week. police say day of ducted a student pilot from china and took him to the airport and try to send him back to his homeland. the suspect reportedly told the reading police they were concerned that his english was not strong enough to safely communicate with the air traffic control. the faa is leading the investigation into a deadly small plane crash in petaluma. to two people died late at -- yesterday afternoon when their small plane went down just a half-mile from the alumina airport. investigators say the pilot had just taken off from the airport when his plane started to have engine troubles. he tried to turn around and land back at the airport, but he did make it. the aircraft is believed to be similar to the one seen here, and is a home built plane used for aromatics. -- aerobatics. >> people will put them together in their homes, and
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then told him to the airport and do whatever. >> authorities have not released the name of the two vehicles who died. fears of russian hackers have prompted the fbi to issue an warning to reboot your router. officials believe that russian hackers placed malware on more than 500,000 internet routers in the united states. the fbi was able to stop the hackers from getting instruction to the routers, but they are still infected with that malware. earlier, we talked to peter young, a professor of technology at this university, and he explained what the fbi is asking the people to do and the potential consequences. >>.malware that is out there and has been out there is dormant for a majority of their life. they are brought to life by a particular code sent from the
5:37 pm
maker, and then they will activate and do something. it could capture keystrokes, and he could block a website, and just randomly collect information that you don't want collected. >> rebooting a router allows a complete clean disconnect from the internet and any malicious activity that was going on or about to go on will not be transmitted. young recommends turning off your router and leaving it all for 4:57 minutes minimum. area gas prices keep going up. the average price of regular unleaded in oakland is now $3.76 a gallon. that is up about three cents from a week ago and $.15 from a month ago. in san francisco, unleaded regular gasoline average $3.85
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a gallon. california currently has the highest gasoline prices in the nation at $3.73 a gallon. while the bay area is enjoying the perfect wheather, it is a much different story in parts of the country. the storm is battling the eastern united states and parts of maryland are dealing with record-breaking floods. george hw bush is in the hospital and coming up next, the ailment that forced the former president to miss out on memorial day festivities. it's time for the semi-annual sale
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a sub tropical storm, alberto, made landfall on the florida panhandle this afternoon. heavy rain and in gust of more than 60 miles per hour slammed into the white sandy beaches today keeping the usual memorial day crowds away. it made landfall at laguna beach , florida. the heavy rainfall and flash flooding are the biggest threats. florida governor rick scott said the state is prepared, but he is warning residents to be smart during the store. >> don't be on the beach today. if you are in the panhandle where you are going to get that rip currents, don't be out there and be very careful out there. we are going to get a lot of rain, and the rain is going to come down hard in some places. if you are needing to travel, make sure you are cautious
5:42 pm
about. >> forecasters warned a few brief tornadoes are also possible in much of florida, and parts of georgia, south carolina, and alabama. alberto is the first named storm of the season. one person is missing in maryland after regular -- record breaking floodwaters sweat through. the flash flood yesterday hit ellicott city in central maryland and the area is still recovering from a devastating flood less than two years ago. the governor said an event of this magnitude happens once every thousand years, and this community has seen two such disasters in two years. >> it is hard for me to even understand how this could happen two years later. there is a lot of people who are going to have their lives devastated again. >> a 39-year-old man is missing after witnesses say he was swept away by floodwaters.
5:43 pm
the man is a national guard member and an air force veteran who was trying to help a woman safer. former president george hw bush missed out on the memorial day parade today that he traditionally attends because he is in the hospital. the 93 year old was taken to a hospital for low blood pressure and fatigue. there is not an immediate update on his condition today. the former president felt ill at the family compound where he is spending the summer. this is the second time in less than a month that he was hospitalized. you will recall that his wife barbara died last month. the story of heroes on two different continents today. first, an american teacher shot three times while confronting a government when the government burst into his classroom. in france, amazing pictures. what's this. a balcony is not too high for
5:44 pm
this man as he scaled four floors to save a 4-year-old boy. the special reward that he received for his rescue. we are enjoying quite the memorial day out there. we had 90 degrees in fairfield, and the warmest day we have seen this year. and i come back, we will talk about what to expect the rest of the week. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence,
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helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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for the first time since a gunman walked into his classroom, a teacher who was shot three times talk to the media today. jason seaman was released from the hospital on saturday. this morning, he said he is still processing much of what happened. he protected his students by charging toward the government. he said he is not someone who looks for attention and is not comfortable with the situation that he is in. when he was asked about the day of the shooting, he said he did what needed to be done. >> my actions on that day in my mind were the only acceptable actions i could have done. i deeply care for my students and their well-being. that is why i did what i did on that day. >> he is a science teacher and a football coach. student say he threw a basketball at the government, then ran toward him while the students race to safety. one student in his classroom was shot and she is still recovering. a man in paris put his life on the line and scaled the outside of this building. that is what he is doing here.
5:48 pm
watch how he scaled the building, all to say a 4-year- old child. the french president said thank you in an amazing way. >> reporter: the video is astounding? 22-year-old mamoudou gassama climbed four swords of a building in paris to rescue a 4- year-old boy. he risk his life and earning the nickname spiderman. >> no, i did not think twice and i climbed up and thanked god. the more i climbed, the more i had courage to climb higher. i asked him if he was afraid, and he told me no, i didn't think about myself, i was thinking about the child. when he started climbing he got scared that the child would get tired and let go. >> reporter: he is a mager -- migrant from molly. -- africa. he has been in france since
5:49 pm
september trying to gain citizenship. mamoudou gassama received a certificate of bravery and a metal on monday after meeting with the french president. the president also announced he is being granted legal residency and is fast tracking is citizenship. >> i took it nationally and i do not think it would have as much impact. >> i believe the exceptional nature of this gesture justifies the exceptional decision that he may. france is about willingness and commitment, and that is what he show. >> reporter: the president also offered mamoudou gassama a job, in the fire department. >> the story just keeps getting better. police arrested the father of the boy as he left the 4-year- old unattended to buy groceries. prosecutor say it took a long time to return home because he was playing pokimon go as he
5:50 pm
left the store. >> it is amazing that he could climb up that well, and he grabbed the boy and we asked why did that person just pulled the boy up. >> maybe there was a divider there any good. it is wonderful to see how he was being rewarded for that. it sound like a crochet, but right out of the movies where you see those type of guys do that kind of climbing, and he is doing it for real. >> what is the back story on his background and fitness level. when he went up there, and what he did was not a guy, he has some background in climbing the way he moved up there. >> or maybe he is incredibly strong. >> well you don't do that unless you have a back story on that. he went up like four stories. and it didn't take him long. that is a smile story for sure. on this memorial day. we are remembering people that
5:51 pm
we should remember and honor the people who served in the military both in the past and current. it was a beautiful day and i hope you are out there enjoying it. one of the best in terms of barbecue weather. not just some of the guys, but for my friends out in pacifica, the boathouse and up at the park on the pier, it is sunny. these are temperatures from today, and you are not wearing jackets. we had 98 degrees in fairfield today. that was the warm spot. that turned out to be one of the warmer spots in the valley. it was warm in sacramento, and reading got up to 90 degrees. you can see the fog is being chewed away by the north wind. we get this southerly search, and it will work its way back up toward the coast. we are looking for, and i don't
5:52 pm
think it would be back in earnest until late tomorrow night or early wednesday morning. the idea is that we have more warmth tomorrow, but not as warm. the seabreeze will have a little bit more push tomorrow and tonight, so instead of 90 degrees in fairfield, we will see 90 degrees tomorrow. 93 degrees in fairfield right now, and 91 degrees in livermore. these are the departures from yesterday, and significantly warmer than yesterday. that is not fog, that is just hayes. kind of a c hayes -- sea hayes haze out there. the forecast temperature tomorrow and the reds are the 90s, but they are being pushed
5:53 pm
back. so tomorrow, it will be nice. the week looks nice and it will not be as warm. the microclimate is set up like this, and when you get past the big mount, you will find in hamilton, the upper 80s and low 90s. 89 degrees in brentwood, and in the 5-day forecast. said that is what you call them, a couple of cold ones? >> you are waiting for the game to come on. you know there is a game. >> what game are you talking about built? -- bill? let mack a 74-year-old mystery was finally solved in honor of the sacrifice that was given on this day. an incredible discovery about an airman that was shot down
5:54 pm
over the pacific in world war ii. president donald trump sends out a memorial day tweet and why it is coming under fire from critics who are calling itself serving. desk it -- it self serving. ♪ ♪ ♪ down where the summer and the late nights last forever ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i feel most times we're high and low ♪ ♪ high and low ♪ if i had my way, never let you go ♪ ♪ never let you go enhance your moments. san pellegrino. tastefully italian.
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it is a very special memorial day for the family of eight world war ii air man from the bay area who went missing after his plane was shot down more than 70 years ago. >> the family of lieutenant tom kelly finally has answers thanks to a team of historians and marine scientist who made a remarkable discovery in the pacific. >> reporter: on march 11 1944, lieutenant tom kelly was releasing bombs from ab 24 what
5:57 pm
-- from a b 24 when his plane was shot down in the pacific. a remarkable discovery has solved the mystery of what happened to the plane. >> these are the fighters of the air fleet. >> reporter: that was the hope on march 11, 1944, when lieutenant tom kelly was only bombing raid in new guinea. but his bomber was shot down by japanese aircraft fire and was lost in the pacific for 74 years. the bombers watery grave was recently discovered brought project recover, a team of military historians and marine scientist assert for the wreckage of missing aircraft and bring closure to the families of those missing in action. >> i burst into tears and i cannot believe it!
5:58 pm
diane christie never met her uncle. her letters are filled with humor and honor. the men fighting here are doing it for your freedom. years of research by the family included flight documents and eyewitness accounts that pointed project recover in the right direction. after an 18 day search, the remarkable discovery that was followed by a gesture of gratitude. >> the bomber, second lieutenant kelly. >> when they folded the flights for all of the 11 crew members and said their name and passed it down, it was the utmost of respect and honor, and we appreciated that so much. >> reporter: lieutenant kelly's family will get one of those flags and they now hope that military officials will return
5:59 pm
to the site and retrieve any remains so that lieutenant kelly can be properly buried here in livermore, where he was born and raised. honoring americans fallen troops, from coast to coast, the nation pauses to remember veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. good evening, i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. for many, this is a long we can, but the true meaning of memorial day is so much more. in virginia, president donald trump honored the fallen heroes of american today during a memorial day ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the servicemembers that were buried there were united in their love for the country. >> their love with the love more deep and more pure than
6:00 pm
most will ever know. it was a love that will them up mountains and through deserts, and across oceans and into enemy camps and unknown dangers. >> president donald trump also thanked the families of the fallen troops by saying their sacrifice will never be forgotten. in the bay area, the city of but misha is honoring -- this city is honoring the fallen on this memorial day. the cemetery not only contains gravesites of the u.s. veterans, but of the german and italian prisoners of war of world war ii. a flag raising ceremony was also held at the beginning of the annual memorial.


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